Departments and Auxiliaries

Men’s Department

The New Community Men’s Department serves under the direction of Deacon Francis Countiss. Our director desires that the Men of New Community be empowered through the word to lead successful, productive, and responsible lives. We welcome the participation of Men far and near. Contact Deacon Francis Countiss if you desire to be apart of this fellowship.

Mission Statement

The purpose of the Men’s Department is to develop and train disciples that are rooted in the Word of God and committed to the Great Commission, focusing on reconciling men back to Christ and fellowship one to another.

Mission Objectives

  • Responsible for coordinating fellowship opportunities for male membership of the local church.
  • Teach men to be fathers, husbands, and role models through the Word of God
  • Create opportunities to include the youth in the planned activities of the Men’s Department fostering and attitude of ownership and responsibility
  • Identify, Cultivate, and Promote effective leadership traits in men.
  • Create opportunities for large and small group interaction for the purpose of developing helpful relationships between the brotherhood.


New Community COGIC Mother’s Board

“…call for the mourning women to come; send for the skillful women to come. Let them make haste and raise a wailing over us and for us…” from Jeremiah 9:17-18 (Amplified Version)

The Mothers are the “seasoned” mothers of New Community, selected by Pastor Hunt to support the ministry through our presence, grace, and intentional intercession discovered through a lifetime of living. We are to encourage, nurture, and help the women of New Community to grow in grace, both spiritually and naturally.

The Mothers “Undergird” the ministry: we help New Community as a whole through the ministry of teaching, prayer and fasting. We “raise a wailing”: pray and fast specifically for our Pastor and First Lady, and prepare the elements for the Lord’s Supper during Communion Services. They visit the sick, help those in need of food and minister to other needs that they may have. The Mothers help families both in and out side of the ministry!

We also conduct an annual Mother’s Board service in support of ministry fundraising efforts and looking forward to other ways of raising funds for our department.

We perform a number of other helps, including our aid to Lifestyles of Maryland in assembling clothing and food for distribution throughout the community.


Prayer and Bible Band

President Evangelist Wanda J. Ford

Who we are/Ministry:

We are Prayer and Bible Band and our ministry is to empower God’s people through Prayer and the Word of God.

History and Activities:

In 2009 The Prayer and Bible Band shifted to allowing the Aspirant, Deaconess, and Evangelist Missionaries to teach the adult class. This gives them an opportunity as leaders to share the Word of God in house and better prepare them to minister outside. This year our Pastor has taken us to another level by adding 30 minutes of prayer before teaching begins. Hallelujah!

Upcoming events:

Do you desire a stronger relationship with the Lord? Do you have questions about the Word of God that you just can’t seem to find the answer? Let us help you! Come to our weekly Prayer and Bible Study. We begin every Tuesday evening at 7pm with 30 minutes of prayer and move right into our Bible lesson.

Welcoming Statement:

We invite you to come in where the table is spread and the feast of the Lord is going on as we partake in learning God’s plan for our lives in everyday living.


Purity Department

Many young ladies, during their preteen and adolescent years, have a  difficult time expressing themselves and finding themselves. We try to  give the young ladies an outlet so they can express themselves and help  them with their frustrations, when dealing with school, pressures and  many other life challenges. We also teach them biblical principles at  their level and help them with basic biblical teachings. These classes  are open to all, and applicable to everyday living.

from Missionary Alaina Hunt:

We are the Purity Department and we support the ministry by trying to groom all young ladies, ages 12-18 yeas old, into respectful, holy young ladies for Christ. We try to give them sound advice and practical answers for everyday issues and teach them basic biblical principles and values.

History and Activities:

The Department started in 2001 and has continued to be a successful department within the church departments.  The different activities that the department has done in recent years are:

1.            Sleepovers

2.            Outing to Baltimore Aquarium

3.            Outings to local malls

4.            Had a  Fashion Show

5.            Had Puritan Pageants

6.            Hosted a Promise Keepers Ceremony

7.            Other events throughout the years.

Upcoming events:

We plan to sponsor another Fashion show, a Purity Sleepover and numerous other outings. We are excited about our department and look forward to having you join us!