Young Women’s Christian Council (YWCC)

As a unit in the greatest
church on earth, “The
Church of God in Christ,”
We Stand United.

As the daughters and
followers of the greatest
women on earth, the Holy
Women of the Church of
God in Christ,
We Stand United.

In the dearest state of the
union to us,
We Stand United.
In our efforts to win souls
to Christ, lift fallen
humanity, strengthen the
weak, encourage the
discouraged and to keep
ourselves unspotted from
the world.
We, the Young
Women’s Christian
Council, Stan
d United


Y.W.C.C. is a forum and an opportunity, for young women in Christ, to join together in prayer, conversation, and love,  helping each other cope with everyday life. Our sessions are designed to encourage each member to gain a better outlook on life.

If you are single, we got you!

If you are married, we got you!

Single with children, we got you!

Married no children, we got you too!

We are here to help each other deal with every area in life and we have fun doing it!


We look forward to seeing you, in our next session!!!!!

Y.W.C.C. President, Missionary Alaina Hunt

Y.W.C.C. Vice President, Evangelist Wanda Ford