NC Youth Department

Welcome to the New Community Youth Department (NCYD).

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Our primary focus is to build up the youth department and get youth excited and on fire for the Lord. The way we will accomplish this is by implementing new incentive programs that will cause the youth to want to participate and play a role in various church activities. We want to empower the youth in all areas of ministry. New Community not only needs the youth but their peers need our youth to be the light in a dark place. The youth are a vital part of our tomorrow and it’s important that we instill the necessary tools and lessons for the future. This year’s theme is, “Plugged in to be Empowered, with No Limits, and No Boundaries” (John 3:34 NLT). In order for us to begin this journey of empowerment we must make sure that we are plugged in to the power source, which is God. Constant communication with the Father will allow us the power to think differently and do different things. Reading God’s word, obeying his command, and praying helps us to better understand the one we are serving. So as God leads we will be able to hear his voice and follow.


The youth have been split into two teams according to age groups and given purposeful names. The first team consists of Youth 12 years and under. They have been named “Team B.L.A.S.T” which means…”Building Lives Around Sound Truth” (Proverbs 22:6). The second team will consist of Youth and Young Adults 13 years and older. They have been named “Team Illumin8” (Matthew 5:16). Both teams will participate in various trips and activities that will cater to their age groups. We will also empower them to invite other youth from their schools and neighborhoods to be a part of this great department.

As we continue to learn and grow, pray for the youth of New Community COGIC, as well as the various youth leaders that have been put in place to help mold this generation into what God has called them to be. We have a major task at hand, and with the help of the Lord, the leadership of our Pastor and the prayers of the saints, we will accomplish every goal set forth for this department. Thank you and God Bless.