Pastor Willie R. Hunt

Superintendent Willie R. Hunt was born January 27, 1958 to Mr. and Mrs. Willie Hunt of Rochester, New York. After graduating from high school in May 1976, he served the next eight and a half years in the United States Air Force. Pastor Hunt married the former JoAnn White in May of 1977. Three days after the wedding, the two left for Germany where he was to be stationed.

In February 1980, the Hunts relocated to Myrtle Beach Air Force Base, Conway, South Carolina. There they joined the Mason Temple Church of God In Christ under the leadership of Pastor James Lee.

In 1981, Superintendent Hunt received his call to the ministry and faithfully served as the Sunday School Superintendent, a teacher and the choir president and director. The Hunts relocated to Capitol Heights, Maryland in 1985 and joined Grace Temple Church of God in Christ, under the leadership of Bishop Stanford L. Butts. During his tenure at Grace Temple, Superintendent Hunt was ordained during the State Convocation in 1987.

In February 1990, Superintendent Hunt heeded the call of the Lord to pastor a church. In His call, he gave Superintendent Hunt the name of the church along with the motto: New Community Church of God in Christ – “Whosoever will, let them come.” On March 14, 1990 at 7:00 PM with his wife JoAnn by his side Superintendent Hunt excepted God’s call to Pastor. From the living room of their home Bishop David Washington Spann Sr, Jurisdictional Prelate joined by Superintendent James Norris, and Pastor Henry B. Hunt accepted New Community Church of God in Christ into the Greater Maryland First Jurisdiction. The Lord blessed the ministry so much so that 20 individuals joined on the first night. The Lord also let Superintendent Hunt know, that within 60 days, his home would not be large enough to hold the congregation. And behold, on the 59th day of the ministry, 13 more individuals joined, which brought the membership to 53, more than the Hunt’s home was able to accommodate.

After praying and seeking the Lord for a larger location, the Lord allowed New Community Church of God in Christ to move to a building at 4901 Marlboro Pike in Coral Hills, Maryland. This went well for a time, but then the ministry suffered through some trying times and membership decreased. During those trying times, the Lord was with Superintendent Hunt and let him know that the ministry would come out more than a conqueror. Superintendent Hunt moved the services back into his home in October 1991. Those members that remained with the ministry were encouraged to stay with the Lord. Superintendent Hunt kept the ministry going in his home until he received further instructions from the Lord. By being obedient to the Lord, the ministry grew and received numerous visitors.

In June of 1992, the Lord spoke to Elder Hunt, and told him that He was again going to bless him and instructed him to go into “uncharted areas,” specifically Charles County, Maryland. Superintendent Hunt received no further instructions until August 1992, just as he stood to deliver the morning message. The Lord specifically said, “Go to Waldorf” and said that “within the next three weeks, New Community Church of God in Christ would see Him move.” Two weeks later, on a Wednesday afternoon, the Lord spoke to Superintendent Hunt and told him to take his wife and go for a ride in Waldorf. Being unfamiliar with the area, Superintendent and Missionary Hunt drove to Waldorf awaiting God’s instructions and guidance. Within 15 minutes of entering the Waldorf city limits, the Lord brought them to the place that would become the new home of New Community Church of God in Christ. The building had no signs indicating who the owner was but they went home believing that the Lord had led them to the place He wanted the ministry to be. The “little white building” became the home to New Community Church of God in Christ for the next 8 years.

In October 2000, the Lord spoke again during a Sunday morning service and told Superintendent Hunt that within the next 48 hours he would see Him move on the church’s behalf. Within 48 hours, the doors were opened for New Community Church of God in Christ to move to its current location. As Superintendent Hunt goes about establishing the church, he continues to seek God for His counsel, His wisdom and most of all, His direction.

Today, Superintendent and Evangelist Hunt’s commitment to the Lord and active participation in the ministry allows them to minister together, as well as individually, in spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ. Superintendent Hunt currently serves as the overseer of C. L. McCoy Memorial District as well as the Administrative Assistant of Community and Governmental Affairs to Bishop Joel Lyles, Prelate of the Greater Maryland First Jurisdiction. He also serves as the President and Chief Executive Officer of the New Community Development Corporation. Having the community in mind, Superintendent Hunt served two terms as President of the Ministers Alliance of Charles County and Vicinity, and has completed 6 years as a member of the Charles County Government’s Local Management Board. As Superintendent Hunt continues to bridge faith groups with community and government affairs, he currently serves as Vice President for Coalition of Metropolitan Minister’s Alliance (COMMA). This alliance encompasses faith groups working together from the Virginia, Maryland and Washington DC metropolitan area.

Pastor and First Lady Hunt are blessed to have three loving children: Maurice, Michael and Kimberly; two God given daughters-in-law: Alaina and Latashia; and their four wonderful grandchildren of whom they are so proud of: Simone, Stephen, Shane and Salena.