Public Relations & Marketing

New Community Public Relations & Marketing:
Director: Sister Candace Robinson

Elder Edmund Rhynes
Sister Valencia Simms
Sister Jacqueline Countiss

Our Mission: To creatively spread the Gospel to the surrounding community as the initial introduction to New Community COGIC.

Our Goals: To educate, promote and evangelize New Community COGICS’s ministry and events through public communication, while building relationships within the community.

With the potential of thousands of people un-churched in the surrounding area, the most urgent task at hand is to instill the messages of salvation and hope as in New Community COGIC’s motto – “Whosoever Will, Let Them Come”. Public Relations & Marketing is creating more opportunities for non-intrusive ways to introduce New Community to members and ministries to invite their friends, family and colleagues to join them at varying church events. Although we understand, public relations has a delicate balance, we rest assured that all Glory goes to God!

As our responsibilities allow, we are here to assist with the creation of all written materials, and to promote events as assigned by the Pastor and Leadership.

The most important virtue of Public Relations and Marketing is to remember that we cannot control the thoughts and perceptions of people, but we have been blessed with the ability to influence with a Godly spirit.